Mr. Karma Yeshi

Karma Yeshi was born in 1965. He earned a degree in B.A. Hons. B.Ed. and Interpretership in language from Punjab University, Chandigarh. He taught at the CSTPuruwala for four years from 1990. He was the editor of Rangzen magazine. In Dharamshala, he has lead in publication, conducting workshops, leadership training and community development works.

From March 2003, he has been the editor-in-chief of the local radio new service in Dharamshala. Currently, he is providing financial consultancy services for not for profit organisations based in Dharamshala which work on community development and is actively involved in social welfare activities.

Dr. Kunchok Tsundue, MD

Kunchok Tsundue was born in 1961 in Kullu, Himachal Pradesh, India. He completed Masters Degree in Geography from Punjab University, Chandigarh and a doctorate (PhD) in Geosciences, Ruhr University, Germany in 1998. He has presented various publications and presentations on variety of subjects, like pastoral nomadism, demographic transition etc., in renowned institutions like Harvard University, Indiana University, Georgia State University.

Mr. Alok Prasad

Mr.Alok Prasad is a veteran banker with over 35 years of regulatory/banking/financial services experience. He is regarded as an expert and ‘go- to ‘person for financial inclusion and more broadly, access to finance matters. Currently, he is connected with a number of Banks/NBFCs as an Adviser/Mentor/Board Member.

Mr.Alok Prasad is currently working in a consulting and advisory capacity in the financial service space. He is also providing Board level support and mentorship to a number of other financial institutions-MFIs/Small Finance Banks/NBFCs/HFCs.

From 2010-15,Mr. Prasad was the Chief Executive Officer of Microfinance Institutions Network(MFIN),the premier industry body and Self-Regulatory Organisation(SRO) for Micro finance institutions (MFIs) in India. Prior to that, he held senior positions in institutions such as the Reserve Bank of India(RBI), National Housing Bank (NHB) and Citibank. As the CEO of MFIN, Mr. Prasad steered the industry through its crisis phase (2010-13) and worked closely with the Reserve Bank of India (RBI) and the Government of India,Ministry of Finance,for development of a supportive policy framework for the industry. The subsequent mainstreaming of MFIs and their integration into the national financial architecture was an outcome of the advocacy work and constructive policy level engagement by MFIN under his leadership. As an industry expert,Mr. Prasad has served on a number of committees of the Ministry of Finance,Govt. of India. Passionate about financial inclusion,Mr. Prasad has been often interviewed and quoted by the media, including national and international newspaper. From 2013-15, Mr. Prasad also served as the Chairperson of South Asia Micro-entrepreneur Network(SAMN).

Miss. Yeshi Wangmo

Yeshi Wangmo was born on 15 January 1970 in Chauntra, Himachal Pradesh. She has a Bachelors in Science degree from GCG College, Chandigarh. Yeshi Wangmo joined the service in Central Tibetan Administration on 18 September 1995 as Under Secretary at Department of Security. After three years, she was promoted to Deputy Secretary of Department of Security  on 24 February 1999. On 8 February 2002, she was transferred to Department of Health. 2 June 2005, she was promoted to Joint Secretary of the Department of Health. She served briefly as a Joint Secretary of the Cabinet Secretariat from August to December 2009. From 7 December 2009, she served as Joint Secretary at the Department of Information and International Relations. She was promoted to Additional Secretary on 6 September 2013. On 27 July 2016, she was transferred to Department of Health as its Additional Secretary and has been serving in the position for two years. On 8 October this year, she will join the Department of Finance as its first women Secretary.