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Auto/Machinery Loan

Composite Loan

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Introduction about TibFin Commercial Loan Product.

We, Gang-Jong Development Finance Pvt. Ltd. (GDF), since our inception, have predominantly have been working in the lending space specifically targeting marginalised communities. Over the years, we have successfully launched small ticket business loans to such communities within India. With the huge success of these schemes, now we will be foraying into the MSME sector with bigger ticket loan size, and will specifically cater to those entrepreneurs who lack knowledge of intricate working of commercial lending has thus far been unable to leverage the use of credit to grow their business. 

With improved loan ticket size and customised loan process and documentation, we believeour new loan product can encourage entrepreneurs and business people belonging to the aforementioned communities to be the first generation borrowers from their respective families and enable them to achieve higher business goals.

This Document will provide detail description of the loan product, process, timeline as well as the guidelines with which we planning to launch monitor and improvise the product in the market.

Rationale: Our experiences in community based lending has provided us with valuable insights. While lending to refugee communities, we have faced various challenges that are specific to their refugee status and their culture of the origin country, which is usually goes unattended by the bigger and traditional lending institutions. Therefore, to cater such niche market, we have come up with loan product, process and guidelines specific to their requirement and answers to the cultural barrier in regards to borrowing behaviour of the target customer.

Types of Commercial Loans

Refinance loan product

This product is to provide alternative to borrower's who have already financed their business requirements but are interested in repaying that existing debt with a new one when the borrower deems is reasonable.

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Auto/Machinery Loan

Auto/machinery loan is aimed at helping manufacturers, enterprises and service providers (restaurant/cab drivers etc) to acquire financing in order to buy and purchase new and more efficient equipment, machinery and auto vehicles for their business needs

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Plant Development/Renovation

This product will cater such capital intensive requirement of businesses and the borrower can use the fund to not only do repairs on the existing plant but also purchase new furniture, fittings and furnishings be it sofas or electronics to heavy equipment's use in kitchens of the restaurants.

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Working Capital Loan

For borrowers who don't have enough liquidate assets to run daily operations i.e. rent debt payments and payroll. During such times, they can apply for working capital loans. In simple terms, it's a debt that the borrower uses for its day to day operations.

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Composite Loan

Businesses sometimes are faced with requirement to expand business on multiple front i.e. plant development, buying new equipment refinancing old loan or increase stock etc. Such requirement will be catered with Composite loan where the loan will consist of multiple components.

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Interest rate and charges of commercial loan product

Here are list of interest rate and charges of commercial loan product.

Upto 20 Lakh

Loan size

upto 12% pa

Rate of interest

36 Months

Loan tenure

  • Description of Charges
    Commercial  Loan
  • Loan Processing Charges*
  • Pre-payment charges*
  • No Due Certificate
  • Solvency Certificate
  • Penalty Interest on delayed / overdue EMI
    Rs.50 per day for one month


200 +

Happy Customers

2 Cr +

Worth loan disbursed

500 +

Loan borrower

300 +

Market Area in India

Tools and Calculator

Loan Amount 500000
No. of Month 12
Rate of Interest 10
Monthly EMI

Total Interest

Payable Amount

Interest Percentage

General commercial product details based on the loan size

Loan SizeUpto 10 Lacs
Tenure36 Months
Interest Rate10%
Repayment MethodEMI
Processing ChargesNil

Late Repayment Penal Charges

Rs 50/day


Pre-Closure and Pre-Payment ChargesNil
SecurityHypothecation of Asset financed
GuarantorPersonal Guarantee of Borrower/s
Loan Size10-20 lacs
Tenure36-60 Months
Interest Rate12%
Repayment MethodEMI
Processing ChargesNil

Late Repayment Penal Charges

Rs 50/day


Pre-Closure and Pre-Payment ChargesNil
SecurityHypothecation of Asset/ Collateral
GuarantorPersonal Guarantee of borrower/s and Guarantee from a third party having adequate means -value of unencumbered assets of at least 1.25 times the loan value

Pre and Post Approval Documents Required.

Pre Loan Approval Documents Required: Checklist

  • Completed Loan Application Form along with signature
  • Completed Business Plan for the loan period*
  • Completed Personal Assets and Liabilities Form
  • Passport Size Photograph
    • Know Your Customer (KYC) Document
    • Copy of Green book
    • Copy of Registration Certificate (R.C) (if available)
    • Copy of Aadhar Card
    • Copy of PAN Card
  • Business Address Proof (Existing Business)
    • Copy of rent agreement
  • Business Related Documents (Existing Business: Anyone)
    • Registration Certificate of Establishment (For Shops, Factories & Other Establishments)
    • Copy of Business License
    • Copy of GST Registration Certificate (If applicable)
  • Income Documents (Sole proprietor and new business will submit individual documents only, while rest (Partnership and Pvt. Ltd. etc. will submit both individual’s and business’s Documents)
    • Income Tax Returns (ITR) of last 2 years of the applicant business/proprietor or since inception of business. (if available)
    • Bank Account Statement of operating Account for last 12 Months or since inception of business
    • Balance Sheet and Profit & Loss Account Statement of the Company/Firm for last 2 years or since inception of business and estimations for next 2/3 years
    • Projected Balance Sheet and Profit & Loss Account Statement of the Company/Firm for the next 2/3 years

Post Approval Documents Required:

  • Loan and Hypothecation agreement
  • Personal Guarantee agreement
  • Completed Personal Assets and Liabilities Form
  • Loan Receipt
  • Any additional documents as per requirement will be communicated in loan sanction letter

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