Hassle free Trinket loan up to ₹ 1 Lakh.

Rate of interest: Up to 4%

Commercial Taxi loan up to ₹ 4 lakh - ₹ 6 lakh

Rate of interest: Up to 4% - 6% Per annum

Winter Sweater Seller Loan ₹ 2 lakh

Rate of interest: 6% per annum

Summer Loan ₹ 2 lakh

Rate of interest: 6% per annum

Caravan Loan ₹ 1 Lakh

Rate of interest: Up to 4%

Quick Approval

Nominal interest rates

No guarantors

Minimum documentation

What is development Credit?

The main objective of TibFin is to support MSMEs who are unable to approach banks and other financial institutions due to lack of collateral. Based on extensive need assessments TibFin has developed various loan products tailored to the  requirement of the clients. The TRLSP began by providing small loans of  1 Lakh for six months to Tibetan winter sweater sellers at 4-6% interest rates. After that initial launch product, TRLSP has expanded and now offers Trinket Loan, Caravan Loan and commercial taxi loan. TibFin also began offering products under its own name in 2019 with its summer seasonal loan. Additional new commercial products are interduce with higher loan ticket size and rates rate. TRLSP, with funding support from USAID, was launched to provide immediate relief to the winter seasonal Tibetan Businesses. The program is aimed at resolving the capital needs of Tibetan businesses and enterprises by providing soft loans so that dependence on informal and high cost loan is reduced.

2017-2021 Loan sanctioned under Tibetan Refugee Livelihood Support Program (TRLSP)

  • Number of Clients

Features of Development Credit

Unlike other GDF loan product, Development Loan product are flexible and convenient to avail loan if very basic document requirement are meet.


Quick approval

The application approve quickly once all the minimum requirements are meet.


Easy Loan Repayment

There are very flexible repayment scheme with no prepayment and pre-closure of loan account.


100% Transparency

All applications are evaluated on common ground and totally transparent.

Development Credit Product

GDF is in mutual agreement with SARD to process and manage the Development Credit Portfolio. Based on your requirement and business capacity, you can avail following product at very minimal requirement.

Trinket loan

For meeting capital needs of Tibetan Markets engaged in trinket selling business. Read more

Commercial Taxi loan

For meeting capital needs of Tibetans engaged in purchasing taxi for the commercial purpose.  Read more

Caravan loan

For meeting capital needs of Tibetans engaged in caravan business and for the expansion of such business. Read more

Winter Sweater Seller Loan

For meeting capital needs of Tibetan winter sweater sellers engaged in winter business. Read more

Summer Loan

For meeting capital needs of Tibetan markets engaged mainly in summer season sales. Read more

3000 +

Happy Customers

3 Cr +

Worth loan disbursed

2500 +

Loan borrower

300 +

Market Area in India

Total number of Loan sanction in year 2017 - 2020 under TRLSP scheme

Tibetan Refugee Livelihood Support Program (TRLSP) program is funded by SARD.

Since GDF is not exclusive a profit making enterprise, TibFin will provide low cost capital to a large number of poor Tibetans engaged in small, unorganised seasonal businesses inorder to improve their livelihood.

Loan Products

  • Winter Sweater Seller Loan
  • Trinket Seller Loan
  • Commercial Taxi Loan
  • Summer seasonal loan
  • Caravan Loan

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  • 1. Identification of Affected Tibetans
  • 2. Negotiation with Tibetan Refugee Traders Association
  • 3. Allocation of Loan Fund
  • 4. Selection of Beneficiaries
  • 5. Technical Appraisal
  • 6. Endorsement by settlement officer and submission of endorsed list to SARD
  • 7. Fund Disbursement
  • 8. Demand Promissory note and fund receipt to be signed by the beneficiary
  • 9. Repayment process (CMS)
  • 10.  Fund recovery process

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