Requently asked questions

General Questions

The amount of money you can borrow is depends on your requirements. The loan amount size depends on product to products but currently you avail maximum up to 20 Lacs.

Yes, you can pay off your EMI and Principal amount as early as you can and TibFin will not charge anything upon your prepayment and preclosure of the loan account.

Yes, we do offer refinancing loan. Please check the details in our website.

There is no specific deadline for applying the commercial loans but there is specific deadlines for application of development loans. So keep checking the website or keep updated in your market leaders.

About TibFin Loans

GangJong or TibFin is located in Gangchen Kyishong, CTA opposite of canara bank.

TibFin offer two broad types of loan, one is under development credit scheme and another one is commercial credit scheme.

The Development credit scheme is restrict to specific market area and need membership registration done before applying the loan but there is still exceptions and you can contact us during office hours about it.

The commercial credit is available whole year and you can apply anytime but check with eligibilities and requirements for the respective loan products before applying the loan.

After You Apply

You can apply commercial loan like personal or business loan in anytime but development credit scheme is available at specific period, so check with us for more details.

You can avail the loan as soon as all the required documents are verified. The sanction letter will be provided once the loan is approved and in the next working day amount will be credited into your bank account.

You can apply maximum upto 20 lacs for business and personal needs.

After You Apporved

No processing fees is charge to process your application. All the application fees and legal fees are borne by us during the application process but once loan accounts gets defaulted and all the legal charges must be borne by the client with their compounded principle amount.

The process of investing money into GangJong funds needs specific process, so please let know via email phone if you want to make an enquiry on how to invest the money from everywhere beyond india.